SLK 2013 - Correspondence

On 3rd May 2013 I started to promote and invite my friends and colleages from all over the world to participate! I was very much and positive surprised with my friends support. These Friends of mine were the first who shared my invitation/information about this channel project... 


STUDIA CROATICA from Buenos Aires, MARKUS KRUEGER from Switzerland, JULIO ASENSIO SILVEIRO from Spain, BARBA FRANKO BUŠIĆ and HRVOJE HORVAT from Croatia, SA KIMLONG from China Macau wrote:


„Big Thanks for the Invitation and is a Honour & Pleasure to participated in it! This Great International Art Project Event is most Welcome by Me SaKimlong as well also by Worldwide artist! Im ready to join it and hope the board members like it! Thanks a lot and Greetings from China-Macau To Vlado Franjević as well extented to all of You involved in this honorable interesting event!“ 


On 4th of May following friends shared my Story/Invitation on theirs walls...

PETER WATERS Australian Pianist and Componist living in Italy, LIDIJA GIENGER born in Croatia and living in Germany, JENNIFER GREGORIAN from Berlin, ANDREA DEJON from Homburg in Germany NASSER ELNUBI from Cairo and AGENCE PY IMMOBILIER from Lure in France DIVERSITY ART GALLERY from Berlin TONY JOSIPOVIĆ, an American Croat wrote:

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