Obrh pri Dragatušu, Slovenia
Obrh pri Dragatušu, Slovenia

SPIRAL-CHANNELS SUPPORT ASSOCIATION will use the opportunity to participate in the worldwide project EARTH DAY 2015 on April 22nd and support this action using the international SPIRAL-CHANNELS project practices...  


Vlado Franjević, author of SPIRAL-CHANNELS and SCSA president had already idea in 2013 to plant "something" (flowers or decorative plants) in the places where SPIRAL-CHANNELS were realized in Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy! Otherwise in early 2009 were flowers planted in the place where the 4th SPIRAl-CHANNEL was realized in Ruggell, Principality Liechtenstein. This idea had at that time mister Johannes Inama, manager of KMH, a little culture centre of the municipality Ruggell. By the way, mister Inama is also a SCSA board member...     


We are glad to inform you that our partners and collaborators from Principality Liechtenstein (4th SPIRAL-CHANNEL) - Culture Centre of the Municipality Ruggell KMH with its manager Johannes Inama; Slovakia (6th SPIRAL-CHANNEL) - City Prievidza with its Major *JUDr. Katharina Machačkova, Art Point Gallery with its Manager Artist Roman Turcel; and Slovenia (7th SPIRAL-CHANNEL) - Art and Culture Association "Artoteka" from Črnomelj with its leading personalities Andreja Verderber, Ajda Skrbinšek and Erika Kralj are ready to activate themselves and together with theirs helper plant the plants on the places where the SPIRAL-CHANNELS were realized in 2008, btw. 2013 or make a kind of action, performance connected to the theme, as sign of celebrating this day and our mother Earth!


We hope that our partners will document the entire process of planting of trees, plants and flowers and send to us. All of the material with all relevant information we will place in a central location on the Internet. And with the help of friendly international information media, redistribute. Thanks in advance. 




* Miss JUDr. Katharina Machačkova sent to Vlado following message: "I think that your new project of planting trees or seeds is really great idea. I would be really happy if Prievidza will be part of this project. We should celebrate the Earth Day 2015 with this nice action."


Please click on sign on left site  to rich the site with informations about the author of the logo. If you would like to publish story about our project in any print media, please ask us to send you its bigger size! Thanks in advance very much.

In this Online-SHOP you find different Artikels with the SPIRAL-CHANNELS EARTH DAY Logo. With buying of them you also support the project. Thanks in advance. 

We're thankful to admin of LINKEDIN groups ArtFire, Public-Paper and Los Angeles Entrepreneur Club for supporting of promotion of this SPIRAL-CHANNELS action!

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