Vlado Franjević, founder of Spiral-Channels project organized today a little art show in Odonien and presentation of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project and place where next project issue will be realized in Odonien. Vlado was very happy to see a few old good friends and artists colleagues but also meet new people. One of contributors in the project, Lee Baumgarten with his son Case came from North Carolina via Berlin. Lee will participate there later in an exhibition. Contributors in the project Palme 

from Berlin, Joachim Leonhardt from Essen, Renate Lenz from Cologne, Markus Frede with his girlfriend from Soest were also here. As of course Odo Rumpf, chief of Odonien. And Tobias Kunze who'll document from time to time the realization of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project. Kristijan Križić, Vlados old friend until now just from virtual world, came too, as well few more interested people!    

After good and nice beginning of that progress, comes now first a hard work, and on the end, 3.6.2016 up 16.00 o'clock, we'll have here an end presentation of the project...  

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