Cologne 23.05.2016

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Vlado Franjević, founder of Spiral-Channels project, together with his friend and artist colleague PALME from Berlin, wanted to start to prepare today the realization of next issue of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project here in Odonien but one more rainy day made this not possible... Vlado and PALME drove so to the centre of Cologne and tried to have a little bit "fun"... 


Closed to the main central place in Cologne, artists found one coffee... Vlado met there a nice lady from Croatia, his first homeland! Her surname is Cvijić and she comes from Rijeka...  And, she is a waitress here. 


Stan Lafleur wrote, he'll come to Odonien a day after tomorrow! Vlado and he have to talk about 

the project because Stan will talk about on the day of the project presentation - 3rd June 2016.


Tobias Kunze gave us to know, he'll come to make next photographs and video recording on thursday.  

Please read also next part of same story HERE!

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