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Every issue of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project brings together new lovely people in this sustainable interdisciplinary artistic work, but also a good social global network of creatives and artists. We can grow up, or fall down, together. SPIRAL-CHANNELS project shows that we can grow up in a nice way! 

  • Lizzie Bellotto promoted our project on her site! We are very much thankful. She wrote there: 


The amazing Spiral-Channels global artists' groups created and managed by Vlado Franjevic's keeps growing and bring important messages to the world. The latests project Spiral Channels 2016 in Cologne is happening right now in Germany :) SPIRAL CHANNELS FOR PEACE: "From the Fall of the Wall to Building of Wire Borders". SPIRALKANÄLE FÜR DEN FRIEDEN: "Vom Fall der Mauer bis zum Aufbau von Drahtgrenzen"


  • Vlado Franjević forwarded today his hard work on the Spiral-Channel. Here bellow you can see few photos about this work process. 

Tobias Kunze was very much inspired with the place where the newest Spiral-Channel in Odonien,  Cologne is going to be realized, as also with the project and my poem (SPIRAL-CHANNELS HYMN) which is spoken in the video with the bravery by Thilo Heyl. Vlado is really very much happy about collaborations like this and also thankful...


Dražen Pavlović, a participated artist from Croatia (SPIRAL-CHANNELS SPHERE PHANTOM 2013 in Slovenia) commented this video in the FB SPIRAL-CHANNELS group with following words: "WOW EXCELLENT! Really, really GREAT work.... Congratulation! (...of course I especially like the glass sphere in hand...)" 


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