Presentation 1: SWITZERLAND St.Gallen; Date of presentation: 28.1.2017;

Presentation 2: GERMANY Frankfurt a.M., Philosophischer Salon; Date of presentation 6.4.2017.

In the frame of Vlado Franjevićs exhibition organized in St.Gallen, with the duration from 7.12.2016 to 25.2.2017 btw. in the frame of his speech in the Philosophy Salon in Frankfurt a.M., Germany, on April 6th, 2017 he presented contributions from international artists and creatives to the theme "CHAOS IN AND AROUND"! Vlado is very much thankful to all participants in, and supporters of, the project.

6.4.2017. Philosophy Salon, Frankfurt a.m., Germany

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    Palme (Freitag, 13 Januar 2017 19:42)

    Hello my friend,
    nice to see the story go on ... and on ... and on!
    My contribution is ready and on the way to you.

    I have post some Promo on https://www.virtualgallery.com/galleries/palme_a27164068/sc_2017_chaos_in_and_around___invitation_c3029

    All the best for you and your work my friend.

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    Vlado (Mittwoch, 18 Januar 2017 12:45)

    I thank you very much for sending me your contribution and promotion of the project! greetings and best wishes!

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    Sabela Baña (Samstag, 18 März 2017 18:50)

    I send my work Chaos in and around

  • #4

    Vlado (Samstag, 18 März 2017 20:08)

    I received it. Thanks so much!

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    Judith Schüler (Sonntag, 26 März 2017 23:45)

    you've got a mail ;-)

    Good luck to your exhibition!

    Love, Judith