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Spiral-Channels project has also a music part.  Here you can find more about that as also link to newest contribution to the project in the realization of great Duo Alma Gemela from Karlsruhe in Germany!

We, Spiral-Channels Support Association and me, Vlado Franjević are very much grateful for this participation, btw. co-operation.   


Here on right side you find a copy of a notice to realization of last Spiral-Channels hymn. Liechtensteiner Vaterland, one of just two daily newspapers in Liechtenstein was so kind to inform about it. Thank you so much.




Spiral-Channels Hymn > Playlist on youtube


Because of a very good first experience of working together Duo Alma Gemela and Vlado had idea to develop their common project - one music album with Vlados lyrics in different languages and composition, music, playing and singing by Duo Alma Gemela (Natalia Volkova and Alfredo Ramirez).   

They started one crowdfunding action for realization of their idea. Here on right you can find links to the possibility to support the project which was already 

supported two culture foundations from Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein Culture Foundation and Foundation Guido Feger. The artists are so much grateful for the supports! All project boosters you can find here please and all goodies you can win as a booster is possible to find here

Liechtensteiner Vaterland, 06.04.2021
Liechtensteiner Vaterland, 06.04.2021

Liechtensteiner Vaterland supported our project one more time. But also a few Croatian info-media: Magazin Fenix, Croatian Heritage Foundation, Fenix 2, CENTAR KULTURE.  


Here we love to present you these beautiful shots with Duo Alma Gemela (Natalia Volkova and Alfredo Ramirez) made by great photographer Elena Tashpulodova!

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