SPIRAL-CHANNEL for peace 2016 

From THE Fall of THE Wall to Building of the Wire-Borders

Artists and other creatives from all over the world were invited to send the contributions to SPIRAL-CHANNELS project in Cologne, Germany from the May 20th to June 5th 2016. This will be the ninth european country where the project will be, btw. was realized! We worked already in: Estonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, P. Liechtenstein, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy.

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    Vlado Franjevic (Dienstag, 12 Januar 2016 13:46)

    If you have any question, comment or idea in concern to the project, if there is something not clear enough... Please leave this all here! We can open discuss about and other visitors and potential participants can do so the profit of our conversation! Unfortunately I'll have no time to do the correspondence in an one by one correspondence solution! Thanks so much for your understanding!

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    Palme (Montag, 18 Januar 2016 11:13)

    Hello Vlado,
    all the best for the SC2016 and mutch contributions from all around the world.Thank you for your effort all these years and your commitment to this great idea.

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    Vlado (Montag, 18 Januar 2016 12:29)

    dear PALME thank you very much for your comment here and your contribution I got! one more time you are the first who sent one :) thak you very much and all the best!