Very interesting energy flow! 


With Palme I work for a very long time together. All these years long he is for sure one of most active artist in, and supporter of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project! 


I remembered yesterday on 16th of March 2020 to repost on my facebook profile one lovely photo moments with Palme by doing a Spiral-Channel action in Gambia 2013. 


Today on 17th March 2020 I got following photos from same place in Gambia where he was in 2013! Pretty crazy, isn't? 


Look also that FB album please!

Welcome to leave your message or comment here bellow. Thanks so much in advance...

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    Palme PalmeArt (Dienstag, 17 März 2020 22:25)

    This is a real pleshure to be with this project. Sinne 2007 i am in contact with Vlado and i am proud to be a part of this excellent international artprojekt with so mutch creative Artist from all around the world and this friendly people.
    To make some workshops, like this in The Gambia, is a gift and it comes from my soul.

    Thank you Vlado and i hope we have more of this action