Snežana Nešković Simić - (c) FB Profil
Snežana Nešković Simić - (c) FB Profil
Danijela Odabašić - (c) FB Profil
Danijela Odabašić - (c) FB Profil

In 2005 was realized the 2nd SPIRAL-CHANNELS issue in Tršić, Serbia. MA Snežana Nešković Simić was there one of leading personalities in the organization of international summer art academy. In its frame was realized Vlado Franjević's interdisciplinary work in progress project called SPIRAL-CHANNELS. One other important personality in the organization of art summer academy was prof. Marko Ladjušić

Snežana is today managing director of culture centre Vuk Karadžić in Loznica and is willing to support this summer the reactivation of positive energy vibrations connected to SPIRAL-CHANNELS project. Vlado Franjević is thankful to Snežana and culture centre so much for this chance! 


SPIRAL-CHANNELS artist-collaborator and a kind of its ambassador for Serbia, dear Danijela Odabašić from Belgrad will lead the SPIRAL-CHANNELS reactivation on the 19.7.2017 in Tršić. With a little help and instructions by Vlado Franjević from Liechtenstein. This reactivation is in direct topic-contact to Spiral-Channels dia show project issue in Switzerland on 28.6.2017 and also to Spiral-Channel reactivation in 2016 in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.   

Interested fine and interdisciplinary artists and authors was invited to send Danijela ONE written contribution with no more then 30 words (in original, participant's mother language and translated in Serbian or Croatian).  In 30 words contributors gave theirs answer on the question WHAT ARE THE NEW SIGNS OF THE PEACE?


In Vukov Trsic-Serbia was reactivated on July 19th, 2017 Vlado Franjevic - fine & interdisciplinary artist & authors interdisciplinary work in progress SPIRAL-CHANNELS project which was realized on same place in 2005. Reactivation was lead by fine artist Danijela Odabašić from Belgrad and strong supported by Snežana Nešković-Simić, managing director of culture centre Vuk Karadžić and her team! Here in this video you see and listen Danijela, Snezana with her husband (art worker) Dragan, and few more participants, one of these is art student Marina Stojkovic. Between all they read the contributions sent from connected artists Wulf Peter Fröhlich from Germany and Andreas Tomblin - Artist with Christina Voniatis-Tomblin from Cyprus/England! This here is video in Serbian language version. We hope to translate all speech and reading also in english, a bit later please...

Posted by SCSA on Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

Thanks so much to participations in this project, to the organizer in Serbia and all other supporters.  

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