SWITZERLAND Alfa Hotel (Theater) BirsfeldenDate of presentation: 28.6.2017 in the frame of Thomas Schauffert's Peace Concert.

Special guests of the concert, btw. event was the fine and interdisciplinary artist,  author and president of SPIRAL-CHANNELS SUPPORT ASSOCIATION Vlado Franjević and his artist colleague Lee Baumgarten from N.Carolina (USA) who painted live two acrylic paintings during the concert, btw. event.

Before the travailing to Europe Lee Baumgarten published one art e-zine called "Fugitive Beuty". Vlado was one of presented artists in its first issue. He made extra for this issue one Video called "(Omni-Spiraling) FUGITIVE BEUTY". To Spiral-Channels project many years connected author and artist Stan Lafleur from Cologne was presented too. Btw. in Cologne were realized the 10th issue of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project in 2016. Baumgarten visited the place of that realization. Lafleur hold a great speech to the Project. He hold also a speech to 4th Project issue in Liechtenstein 2008.   


Connected artists Beate Führer from Germany and Igor S. Kasala from Slovakia sent also their contributions... You can see this here bellow. 

Igor Spač Kasala + Beate Führer
Igor Spač Kasala + Beate Führer

Diashow presentation & live painting in the frame of Peace Concert  

Paintings painted live in the frame of Thomas Schauffert's Peace concert

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    Vlado (Mittwoch, 24 Mai 2017 07:53)

    dear Sabela, thanks for goodwill but your contribution is not correct enough. please be nice and read one more time all points here above... thanks a lot

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    Sabela Baña (Dienstag, 23 Mai 2017 22:52)

    Envio mi colaboración al e-mail