Presentation: SWITZERLAND Alfa Hotel (Theater) BirsfeldenDate of presentation: 28.6.2017 in the frame of Thomas Schauffert's Peace Concert. One of special guests on the concert, btw. event will be also fine and interdisciplinary artist, president of SPIRAL-CHANNELS SUPPORT ASSOCIATION and author Vlado Franjević who will paint live an acrylic painting during the concert and speeches in the frame of that event. The plan with the painting is to sell it in an auction on same evening! Half of collected money will be donated to a Swiss humanitarian found.     


Please prepare and send your digital contributions for the project until the 11.6.2017 midnight as follow: 

  1. images must have following size 1280x720 pixel (72 dpi)
  2. you can participate with sending of 1-3 designs/photos to the given title/theme: "New signs of peace". We wait for a beautiful original photo or design made by your own. If we collect in all more then 100 contributions, and if you send more then one, we’ll be free to ask you to select just one of that you sent.
  3. contributions have to be made extra for this project! That means, this can’t be a platform for promotion of your old artworks, photos, designs which has nothing to do with planed project issue! Please don’t send motifs of artworks you made before and never send something which is not made by your own. Please be nice also to send a short description to your work in one sentence with the date and place where you shot the photo or made design, and understand: WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER FOR THIS MOMENT, FOR HERE AND NOW! AFTER THAT, MAYBE ALSO FOR THE FUTURE :)  
  4. If you like to promote your participation in this project in social media or on your own homepage before our show on the 28.6.2017, you're of course free to do so. But hopefully always with the link to this site here! Everyone can help with a little, little thing, with a little paying attention and moment of inspiration to build a pretty big and powerful tool of common good! Do you agree?    
  5. please do write on your contribution in the right corner bellow: your real name and country of your origin. This will be sign, you're the owner of your contribution! Please use here „arial fonts“ with 18 pix.  
  6. we’ll accept only contributions which are prepared as described here above in the points 1)-5).
  7. contributions have to be sent to vaduz9490(at)gmail.com with the subject SIGNS 2017 until the 11th of june 2017 midnight.  

As always we’ll give our best to promote you and your contribution(s) and name to the bright public in real and virtual spaces. If we work together we can make much more! That means, if you have also possibilities to share invitation as soon as possible and help to promote the SPIRAL-CHANNELS project, please just do it and let us to know where you made what in this case… We’ll collect then all informations and publish on the project site and our FB page and a group! If you have any question ask here bellow in comments field. Our answers and conversation can be helpful also to other interested artists and creatives... THANKS very much in advance for good vibs!

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    Vlado (Mittwoch, 24 Mai 2017 07:53)

    dear Sabela, thanks for goodwill but your contribution is not correct enough. please be nice and read one more time all points here above... thanks a lot

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    Sabela Baña (Dienstag, 23 Mai 2017 22:52)

    Envio mi colaboración al e-mail