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EARTH DAY 2015 - logo

SPIRAL-CHANNELS Earth Day Logo was made by Graphic Designer David Jimenez from Ecuador. He said to his idea: 

"The concept behind the logo is "SPIRAL-CHANNELS participate in EARTH DAY", so with that in mind, I instantly thought about images of natural spirals that we can easily find around nature, and what a perfect opportunity to create an icon with earthly conscience. A logo that bears the spiral itself, a spiral which can be found everywhere, even in the simplest forms of nature found in the earth."

David Jimenez is a passionate graphic designer, always in a state of creating something. Born in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, he sees Graphic Design as a lifestyle, as part of his very own life. He always makes some time during the day to generate new concepts or sketch his ideas on paper and create graphic communication pieces, specially posters, which he considers his favorite graphic form of expression. He strongly believes that everything that surrounds us is a result of a design process, so it is of high importance to understand and develop design everyday. His work has been featured in exhibitions all around the world, such as: Poster for Tomorrow, The 13th International Poster Biennial in Mexico, Design Festival Strelka in Russia, COW Design Festival in Ukraine, II International Poster Exhibition in Germany, Asian Graphic Design Invitation Exhibition 2014 in China, Festival Ojo Loco 2014 in Ecuador, Sixth World Biennial of Student Poster in Serbia, 40 Ideas in Mexico, Skopje Poster in Macedonia, Exposición de Carteles sobre el Abuso Sexual Infantil in Peru, and the 7th United Designs Shanghai in China.

Please follow HERE Davids message on his BEHANCE profile about his making of the logo! Thanks 

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