Adam Glinski

ADAM GLINSKI was born 1943 in Poland. Now Liechtenstein citizen. Studies in theology, philosophy, education (PL A). Teacher (PL A FL). Now in retirement and working as an artist and writer. Member of the BBKL (Liechtensteins Association of professional visual artists). Some literary texts published. Since youth he is painting (acrylic, drawing ink, oil, mixed media), photographing, sculpting, writing… and open in his person-and-work for the deeper sense of life. He makes intuitive pictures with abstract, figurative, as ethnic, symbolical elements. He reflects often his works in own-poems (> picture-words). Exhibitions: FL (Vaduz), D (Mannheim, Baden-Baden, Osnabrück, Berlin), A (Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck), F (Strasbourg, Colmar), I (Firenze, Assisi, Bozen), CH (Zürich, Olten, Zug), NL (Rotterdam). Some awards: from “Europäischer Kulturkreis Baden-Baden” (2008-2009), by Florence Biennale 2009 (5° Premio Pittura Lorenzo Il Magnifico for Painting), by Florence Biennale 2011 (5° Premio Internazionale Lorenzo Il Magmifico for Fotografia). HERE informations abaut his work. E-Mail-Adress:

CARMEN OLIVAR was born in 1961 in the theater town of Meiningen / behind the Rhön. There she attended the Polytechnic High School. She started in 1977 an apprenticeship as a watchmaker. In 1988 she was diagnosed neural muscular dystrophy and worked til 1990 as a secretary in Frankfurt (Oder). Early retirement started in 1990. Now their new HOME of choice is Berlin and she lives there since 2001. She dedicated herself to painting since about 2010. Carmen writes poems since 1994. The trigger for this was the beginning of her psychoanalysis, in which they handled their strictly-political and abused childhood (daily political brainwashing by the Stasi stepfather...) More about Carmen Olivar and her Creativity You find here

CHRISTINE GLINSKI, born in 1953, has worked in Liechtenstein as a lawyer in social security until 2008. Then she studied journalism - including photo-journalism - at the Freie Journalistenschule FJS in Berlin (diploma 2010), and completed courses in photography at the Liechtenstein art school. She presented her photos in several group exhibitions in galleries and art fairs in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Since 2009 she followed literary courses at the Schule des Schreibens in Hamburg and received in 2012 the certificate and an award for one of her short stories. For more information about her photographic work visit THIS site. 


Dana Pandici
Dana Pandici

DANA PANDICI (born Tirziu) was born 1967 in Timisoara / Romania, where she came to know and love photographing, drawing, painting and sculpture already in her early childhood. Graduated from the National College of Art „Ion Vidu“ Timişoara / Rumänien. At the moment she lives and works near Heidelberg / Germany. Her motivation of being an artist and a photographer? Being a researcher of humanity. Using only own intuition and a camera, Dana tries to express her perception about reality and human behavior.

Dana Pandici



DEJAN ĐORĐEVIĆ, a poet, essayist and literary critic was born 1970 in Velika Sejanica near Leskovac, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology, groups: South Slavic Literature and Serbo-Croatian language. He is associate of numerous literary magazines: Povelja, Koraci, Letopis matice srpske, Gradina, Dometi... and many electronic: Maxminus, Nosorog, Žikišon, Libertas, Marginalac... He published two collections of poems: "I'm and am not" and "Non/Consent". He is editor of the publishing house "FILEKS" in the journal "DUspenja". He lives and works in Grdelica (municipality Leskovac).

Drazen Pavlovic

DRAŽEN PAVLOVIĆ was born on 17th May 1962 in Varaždin ( Croatia / Europe), where he ended primary school and high school. Living and working in Varaždin, where have art studio which name is Atelier Pavlowich. From his early youth he was occupated with painting when he gained his fine arts education from the teacher B.A. Ružica Grgevčić and later from B.A. Mirjana Ducakijević who has instructed him into knowledge and beauty of the history of fine arts (art of painting). At that time his orientation towards painting is determined. In 1990 he had eded „LC Zagreb“, where he studied in the class of the academic woman painter B.A. Nela Gruden, leaming and improving art tehnics and technology of painting. Since 1995 he works as professional artist. Dražen had untill now 32 solo exhibitions, presenting himself wiht the cycles : „Vievs“, „Landscape“, „Nude Act“, „Psychodelic“, „Entelechy“, „Vision“, „Micro My World“, „Prediction of New Trackings“, „Sphere“... and app. 150 appearances on group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina,... ). He is founder of the famous painting colony „Julijana E Draškowić“ in Trakošćan (1989 – 1999) in Croatia. He took part in number of humanitarian actions and auctions and in some of them he was organizer. For his art (and humanitarian) work he won several valuable prizes. Dražen Pavlović is member of Art Association Varaždin (LUV - Likovno Udruženje Varaždin). He is the chairman of the Managing Board of LUV and guide of LUV Gallery in Varaždin.



MARIO JEMBRIH, was born in 1975 in Vienna, and has lived in Austria, India and Croatia. In India he studied traditional Yogic and Vedic culture. Mario earned a master degree in Social and economic sciences in Vienna where he also worked in international project management supervising challenging projects for which he received award of excellence, but he quit in 2012. Afterwards he founded in Croatia “Kaikavian Renaissance” - association which develops traditional Kaikavian culture based on principles of cultural diversity and sustainable progress, connecting it with modern & future context.

MAŠA HRUSTEK SOBOČAN was born 1978 in Čakovec, Croatia. Finished School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb and studied art history at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. Worked as a photographer beetwen studies and participated in few exhibitions with B/W photographies. Now works as a curator at the Museum of Međimurja in Čakovec, Croatia. Prone to artistic expression as well as literary expression. Also active in doing pedagogical work - this year she carried out and conducted series of interactive workshops with preschool kids aged 3-7, who learned, acted and painted on the subject of historic stories, legends and myths based on Zrinski family knights, ladies and a dragon Pozoj at the Old town Čakovec castle. During the month and a half of this project called „Muzejske pričalice“ , 814 kids participated with their works displayed in the final exhibition. Maša is also interested in interdisciplinary cooperation with cultural institutions and associations in creating a broader cultural significance for the Međimurje region and giving it prominence on the cultural map of central Europe. E-mail:

MILOŠ SIBINOVIĆ was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1984. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2008, Department for Graphic Design. He completed educational specialization at LAMTAR in Paris. He earned a degree at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, at the Department for Advertising and Media in 2010. Creative director and co-founder of APRIL design studio. Member of ULUPUDS. He had 12 one-man exhibitions and exhibited his works at more than 160 collective exhibitions in Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Mexico, Slovenia, Russia, USA, Argentina, Uruguay and France. Took part in 10 International Fine arts assemblies. He received 14 awards, including: the 1st award for graphics at the international competition San Donato Milanese, Italy, 2005; the 1st prize at the 13th Exhibition of watercolors; Cultural center Sabac, Serbia 2007; the 2nd prize at the 7th November salon, Gallery “Marzik”, Kraljevo, Serbia, 2007; the 1st award at the 9th Youth Salon, Novi Pazar, Serbia, 2009; the 1st prize, “Blue sky brief” - Jat Airways, Belgrade Design Week, Belgrade, Serbia. He took part in the 8th and 9th International Biennial of Watercolor in Mexico in the National Museum of Watercolor “Alfredo Guati Rojo”, as a representative from Serbia. He lives and works in Belgrade. E-mail:

PALME, Gambia


Rajka Poljak


RAJKA POLJAK was born 1964 in Mihovljan, Croatia. From 1971 untill april 2009 she finished school, lived and worked in Zagreb. Since Beginning of 2009 she lives in the Principality Liechtenstein. 2007 and 2008 she edited this blog with the goal to promote Vlado Franjević's activities. In 2008 Rajka was a co-author of the publication "Vlado Franjević's improvisations, Rajka Poljak's interpretations" which was published in edition and support of the Culture Centre of City ČazmaUntill beginning of 2012 she exhibited her artworks in Liechtenstein, French, Germany and Switzerland.


Seruni Bodjawati

SERUNI BODJAWATI was born in Yogyakarta, September 1, 1991. Majoring in Painting, Indonesian Arts Institute of Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta). She has achieved numerous art awards until 2012, such as: Honorary Award from Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia (2012), The Best High-Achieving Student by Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta and the Rector of ISI, Prof. Dr. AM. Hermien Kusmayati, S.S.T., S.U. (2012), The Best Painting Artwork Dies Natalis XXVI ISI Yogyakarta (2010), The Best Watercolor Painting ISI Yogyakarta (2010), The Best Sketch FSR ISI Yogyakarta (2010), Selected Painter: Local Government of Yogyakarta and Kyoto Japan Painting Cooperation (1997), The Best Painting Artwork Dies Natalis XXVII ISI Yogyakarta (2011), and Top 12 The Best Artwork Bazaar Art Award 2011 Harper's Bazaar Indonesia-Vanessa Art Link Jakarta (2011). She was the champion of 15 children painting competitions in Yogyakarta and Central Java (1995-1997) and was awarded as The Most Successful International Visual Artist under 20 by La Société des Artistes Contemporains, France (2011).
Seruni was elected as one of Indonesian Young Heroes by Aplaus The Lifestyle Indonesia for her achievements in international art scenes. In 2012 she was awarded as The Most Inspiring Woman in Art and Culture by Kartini Magazine and Indonesian First Lady, Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Seruni has held four solo exhibitions in Yogyakarta and dozens of group exhibitions both inside and outside the nation as in Indonesia (Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Edwin's Gallery, The Ritz Carlton Jakarta, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jogja National Museum, etc) Japan (Kyoto), America (New York), Australia (Melbourne), Philippine (Manila), Romania (Bucharest), France (Aix-Marseille, Boulogne & Paris), India (Hyderabad), England (London), Germany (VK Lauterbach), New Zealand (Christchurch), Singapore, Hungary (Budapest & Eger) and Spain (City of Cuenca). Besides painting, she is also writing essays, curating local exhibitions in Yogyakarta, and producing art films. Visit her blog to know more about her.

Silhouette made by Helen Becker
Silhouette made by Helen Becker



STAN LAFLEUR - an author of poetry, fiction, stage and radio plays. Lives in Cologne/Germany.



TEDI TADIJA DOVOĐA born in 15th August 1982. His favorite residence is Veprinac (a small town above Opatija) but he also lives in Rijeka and Zagreb.
Children's event designer, ambasador of plants, author of poetry and paper and pencil RPGs. Feel free to visit his site to know more about that child of the sun.


Tedi in a Video!


ZSOLT MAJSAI was born 1965 in Budapest, Hungary, is living in Germany since 1972, currently in Bedburg near of Cologne. He is a writer and a publisher, studied physics and works also as IT specialist. Interested in psychology and philosophy, too, however, his actual passion is creating worlds with words. If you would ask him whats the meaning of life, probably his answer could be: to ask for the meaning of life. You want to know more? Visit THIS SITE (German) or send him an email via zsolt.majsai(at)


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