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Jakša Muljačić, right on this Photo. Source of the Photo: www.croatia.ch
Jakša Muljačić, right on this Photo. Source of the Photo: www.croatia.ch

"Ladies and Gentlemen, in cultural advertisement for Croatia as a modern and democratic country with rich cultural inheritance we can count for years on the artist Vlado Franjević which employment for the art promotion, both fine art and literature, we particularly estimate. Of a majority as outstanding painters admits, has Vlado Franjević also a poet soul and thus does not surprise that 2008 the price was lent to him as best poet of the Croatian Diaspora.

...I support personally, in addition, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Switzerland and for the Principality of Liechtenstein Vlado Franjević in his work... We are convinced that Vlado Franjević will officiate it also further with much enthusiasm as an Ambassador of the Croatian culture and we insure in this tendency our support.Yours sincerely..."


Jakša Muljačić, Ambassador, Berne, 2.3.2010

"Vlado Franjević is a remarkable artist personality who had not only a large artistic potenzial, separate he is also particularly suitable as a cultural mediator." 



Al' Leu, 1997


"Vlado Franjević born 1963 in Martinac, Croatia, since 1993 working in Liechtenstein ranks among the most salient of the art-creative of the country."

Dr. Thomas E. Wanger, Art Historian, FL/A, 2001


"His words and paintings are so warm that I love to look at them every day! Even over the internet wings they fly as hot as a summer wind!"

 Vladimir Gutenmaher


"Vlado Franjević is an artist who's capacity for conceptual thinking allows him to create multidimensional art, that gives the audience, the viewer an artistic experience that is both wide and deep."

Cristina Andersson 



"Art is all around us, Nature is pure art, but it needs a childs eye to enjoy it and purest of hearts to show it to others, I find a Childlike delight in Vlado Franjevic eyes which is very infectious, I wish all of us human beings grew like Vlado to see delight in life around us and spread it to those around you."

Sudhir Sharma, Grafic Designer, India


Roland Weiniger, HH Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein and Vlado Franjevic in the Princely Castle in Vaduz
Roland Weiniger, HH Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein and Vlado Franjevic in the Princely Castle in Vaduz


"Vlado Franjevic's art creates a bond between humanity, spaces and cultures empowering us to learn and understand more about ourselves. His works embody the crossing of boundaries, whether national, cultural or natural. Therefore as a member of the board of CultureGuild, an international association for creative industries, I am happy to give my full support to Vlado."


Roland Weiniger, Director KulturMedia KEG, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria


"It appears that you effectively hold dearly to a half dozen commitments. The first, and most basic, of these is a commitment to a set of values, principles or beliefs. This first commitment leads to a common vision and purpose within the organization. It is Vlado. VLADO FRANJEVIC is an artist with a portfolio that is probably a consecutive story telling. Something starts with a quiet scene and moves to an action scene. It includes everyday people, life, and the stuff that the audience see every day. VLADO FRANJEVIC being able to draw all the typical of this world is the most important part of seducing facts and believing what facts are once looking at. Sometime he is a monster that shows up and the superhero that is ready to except things. HE has enticed facts within this sort of real world that they can stay in, so they suspend their disbelief and the fantastic stuff goes down easy."


Dr. Essam Abu-Awad, ASU University, Amman, Jordan


"Vlado is an outstanding artist and painter and he also has this Croatian creativity that contributed Nikola Tesla to the world! Vlado also is a friend who lives, works and paints in one of the smallest countries, the Principality of Liechtenstein. I can recommend Vlado as an extraordinary artist who has a great potential that he may develop during his career! Vlado is also a friend of mine and last but not least, he is a cultural ambassador to the Principality of Liechtenstein!"


Lucas Wyrsch


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