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Please visit also INVITATION to the Project. Contributions welcome until 20.6.2015

Here album with the Contributions to the project LIZNJAN 2015

Artist and adventurer PALME from Berlin in Germany does not participate for the first time with his contributions and actions in the SPIRAL-CHANNELS project! He participated since 2007, with sending of his contributions,  almost in every next step in the developing of this interdisciplinary work in progress project. But this is not everything... He is one of not so much connected international artists and creatives in the project who realize his own ideas based of the philosophy and the sense of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project. These moments are very much accepted and loved by the leader of the project Vlado Franjević.    

As you maybe remember, PALME made in 2013 these great performances in Gambia and Senegal in the frame of our TO EARTH WITH LOVE actions. 


Now was Vlado again surprised by PALME who sent him, after the sending of a contribution to the project in Liznjan 2015 also this letter with little SPIRAL-CHANNELS stickers... Simply but great accent on common growing up!   



Find just 3 Words with these you describe this (micro or macro) world where we live in. Do the visual composition so that you use one of your own digital photography or make a graphic using of your 3 words (like you see on the pictures on that site here above.) Graphic, btw. JPEG picture with the measure of 14x20 cm with 200dpi send please as attached file to vaduz9490@gmail.com no later then 20th of June 2015. Mail must have following subject «Liznjan 2015». Contributions we get, will be prepared on following way and digital printed on small sized textil pieces and exibited (first) in Croatia. They will presented and promoted also in virtual spaces. If you show contribution you send us for the project on your own website or your profiles on social media platforms please be nice to write also this text closed to the contribution: 

  • "This is my contribution to Vlado Franjevics SPIRAL-CHANNELS Project ''WORLD IN 3 WORDS' in HR-Ližnjan 2015."

Please think also about that the project get more of importance if we work and promote it all together as good as we can… Don't hesitate to contact all your friends at newspapers or other informative media who could give theirs support in this case…


3 words you write in your native language and use for the implementation in the contribution should be translated also minimum in english, and croatian! Please send them in same mail as your photo/graphic contribution   

THANKS so much for your collaboration and sharing of the Invitation… If you have any question before you send us the contribution please ask down here in the comments!  

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  • #1

    Palme PalmeArt (Mittwoch, 03 Juni 2015 14:14)

    Cool dann sind sie doch endlich angekommen. Ich hoffe du hast Spass mit den Stickern. Du kannst Dich doch noch an die Aftershowparty mit Thomas im Sommer 2010 erinnern. War eine der coolsten Aktionen. Liebe Grüsse an Thomas.

  • #2

    Vlado Franjevic (Mittwoch, 03 Juni 2015 14:43)

    doch, sie sind angekommen! :) natürlich kann ich mich an unsere gemeinsame zeit in 2010 bestens erinnern... herzliche grüsse und bis auf bald wieder...