On 12 March 2014 was founded the SPIRAL-Channels Support Association. The Founding Place: KMH, Culture Centre of the Municipality of Ruggell, Principality Liechtenstein. The Association pursues the purpose to promote the interdisciplinary *SPIRAL-CHANNELS art and cultural project, in particular by:

  • Increase awareness of the project at home country and abroad, and also all artists and creatives involved in the project
  • Establishment and maintenance of contacts with funding institutions and individuals
  • Assisting in the organization of exhibitions and events
  • other activities that support the project. 

*SPIRAL-CHANNELS / SPIRALKANÄLE / SPIRALNI KANALI was realized by Vlado Franjević first time in 2004 in Estonia. Since that time he is the spiritual owner of the Project.

Registered on the August 11th 2014 in Vaduz, Principality Liechtenstein and closed in March 2022.