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Please scroll down to watch here very interesting photo documentation about our working in Romania! We'll be very much thankful if you leave your comments in the bottom of this site! Best and most interesting messages, comments, constructive critic will may be involved soonest in our next events in Switzerland and Principality Liechtenstein. Thanks in advance for supporting and co-working in this great multi level and interdisciplinary culture-connecting artwork!  


Village Gernik (33 Photos + 1 video)

I don't want to right you here about Gernik same what you can find on other places in internet. I want just write you about same village in Romania from my own experiences. Just own experiences are a piece of important reality.  

Gernik is a little bit magic, a little bit strange. It is full of good people and lovely animals. Gernik is also full of colors and stones in and above the ground. Gernik got shortly for very first time asphalt streets! It's a Czech village in Romania that has counted years ago around 2000 inhabitants and today counts, as we heard, less then 200. Many, many years ago Czech people moved to this part of Romanian Banat to work hard in the mines. When Czech republic was a part of the EU, it gave Czech people in the village Czech citizenships and young people from village moved to Czech republic. Because of better economy situation, money, material goods and prosperities.     

First two nights we staid in one private home! But we were not prepared for this kind of adventure... We got an other promise from the organizer of this art meeting! That means, the beginning of our participation in the art camp here was really stress-full! How ever, we tried to stay cool (what wasn't difficult - we had behind us many hundreds of kilometers driving the car and it made us very, very much tired).  


If you live for a longer time in geopolitical spaces as we do, you forget what everything is possible in other geopolitical regions and where priorities can be! We got to hear, very important (or "important") people for the village and/or region (former politicians and ex-army chiefs) wanted stay on same weekend in only one pension in the village where we, international fine artists, should stay! The owner of the pension couldn't say "no" to this great group. And the artists are so or so, everywhere, on the 3rd, 4th or the last place in the "food chain"! 


First two nights we staid in the home of a lady who is the primary chief in the kitchen of pension where we should stay all time long.

Her house was full of colors! Somehow we loved this... As also clear sky and beautiful stars field, there in the night...  

artists & Art studio (23 photos)

One can find really everywhere nice and lovely people. Not all artists must be, and are like this: lovely, nice, amazing... :) But, we had luck. All artist colleagues were very OK, more or less always open for small talks, longer communications, exchanges of experiences and much more of that kind of good.  

Most of us worked in and around one art studio. We had luck with the weather. All the time it was sunny and worm. Because of that we had of course also the best light we needed.  Art studio is on one of hundreds of little and bigger hills in and around the village. On opposite street site of the pension where we slept and took our meals. It was really interesting very much to meet international artists. Also a master like for example dear 88 years old mister Vasile Pintea from Timisoara.   

People, nature, animals (17 photos + 1 video)

We found the nature very nice. In some areas it was pretty wild. Beaty of wild nature! And all people we met were for sure very kind, nice and ready to help. We are so much thankful to ladies in pension who gave their best for our everyday's feeling as good as just possible.  Walking around we met friendly free walked dogs and saw caws and horses on the fields...  


realisation & presentation of 11th spiral-channel (26 photos + 4 videoS)

Here bellow video version with bilingual speech version (english with roman translation)

danube (15 photos)

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