Here contributions to SPIRAL-CHANNELS project: "World with 3 Words" HR-Ližnjan, 2015. Here we show you the technic of the preparation of contributions we got as a digital image. Thanks to all who partiicpated and helped to promote the project. Please visit also Palme's Contributions

Hier die Beiträge fürs SPIRALKANÄLE Projekt: "Welt mit 3 Worte" in HR-Ližnjan, 2015. Hier zeigen wir wie die Präparaten der Beiträge ist die wir zuerst als Digitalfotos bekommen. Danke vielmals allen die ihre Beiträge sendeten und halfen das Projekt zu promoten.

Ovdje prilozi za projekt SPIRALNI KANALI: "Svijet s 3 riječi", HR-Ližnjan, 2015. Ovdje se vidi kako dolazi do priprema priloga koje smo dobili u obliku digitalnih fotografija. Hvala lijepo svima koji su poslali priloge i promovirali projekt! 

We travailed via Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Situation on the road was good enough to drive. We had of course some stops on the way to Croatia. Like here in this lovely place in Austria "somewhere" on the high-way

Wir sind via Österreich, Italien und Slowenien gefahren. Die Strassenverkehrslage war gut genug zu fahren. Natürlich hatten wir ein paar Kurzaufenthalten am Weg nach Kroatien. Wie hier etwa in diesem schönen Ort "irgendwo" auf der Autobahn in Österreich.  

Vozili smo se kroz Austriju, Italiju i Sloveniju. Situacija na cesti je bila za vožnju dosta dobra. Naravno da smo nekoliko puta kratko stali, kao recimo ovdje na ovom krasnom mjestu negdje na auto putu u Austriji. 

We started our trip at 10.00 o'clock and went in Šišan, next small village to Ližnjan, around the 8.00 PM. In Centre of this little place we made quickly these photos

After that, before we drove to Ližnjan we staid short in Medulin, and eat on a little simple reastaurant on beach. After this very stressed day, we loved the colors of coming night...


Artist are coming... We had small talks... We/re singing, read poetry together...


Maja Vrančić from Split is with her daughter Laura now also here. Artist are talking about possible common project and collaborations in the future and there was a kind of an ad-hoc exhibition in the garden of ZVONA I NARI...

Here one photo of the artists, theirs host and kids

From left to right: Denise Torrance, Lee Baumgarten, Maja Vrančić, Vlado Franjević, PALME, Rajka Poljak, Ognjen Rađen, Natalija Grgorinić, Ana-Marija Šarić, Laura Vrančić, Justin Š. Franjević
From left to right: Denise Torrance, Lee Baumgarten, Maja Vrančić, Vlado Franjević, PALME, Rajka Poljak, Ognjen Rađen, Natalija Grgorinić, Ana-Marija Šarić, Laura Vrančić, Justin Š. Franjević

Lee and Denise drove in the night to Zagreb because they flew back to USA early morning at 6.00 o'clock! Lovely people we would love meet again and again...


We were searching and we found the place where we will realize our SPIRAL-CHANNEL in the nature early morning on 22nd of july 2015. 


All the time we have here terrible high temperatures... On july, 20th 2015 we made in two pieces of stones the signs of our coming, and creative working, together. Maja with her daughter leaved us, turned back to Split. Slovakian friends and colleagues Roman Turcel, Roman Buček and Veronika Goncolova arrived to Ližnjan.  

Ganze Zeit haben wir hier brutal hohen Temperaturen. Am 20.7.2015 notierten wir auf zwei Stein die Zeichen unserer gemeinsamen, kreativen Arbeit. Maja und ihre Tochter verliessen uns heute und gingen zurück in Split. Slowakische Freunde und Kollegen Roman Turcel, Roman Buček und Veronika Goncolova kamen nach Ližnjan.  

Cijelo vrijeme imamo ovdje "užasno" visoke temperature. 20.7.2015. smo zapisali i znakove našeg nadolazećeg zajedničkog kreativnog rada. Maja nas s kćerkom joj danas napustila. Vratile se u Split. Slovački prijatelji i kolege Roman Turcel, Roman Buček i Veronika Goncolova stigli su u Ližnjan.  

Ognjen Rađen made this poster for our show on july 24th, 2015. Maja sent us from Split following message: "Dear friends, we're now back in Split. We thank one more time to Rajka and you, Palme and our housekeepers for your hospitality and very nice and inspiring friendship in Ližnjan. I wish you successful work on Spiralkanal as also public presentation. For all next activities you can count with me... Your Maja."

Ognjen Rađen hat dieses Plakat für unsere Präsentation am Freitag, den 24.7.2015 gemacht. Von Maja aus Split haben wir folgende Nachricht erhalten: "Liebe Freunde, wir sind in Split angekommen und möchten uns noch einmal bei Rajka und dir Vlado, beim Palme und bei unseren Gastgeber für die Gastfreundschaft und sehr schönen und inspiratieven Zusammensein in Ližnjan bedanken. Ich wünsche viel Erfolg bei der Realisation des Spiralkanals und bei der öffentlichen Präsentation. Für alle weiteren Aktivitäten stehe ich gern zur Verfügung. Eure Maja."

Ognjen Rađen je napravio ovaj plakat za našu prezentaciju 24.7.2015. Isti je također već postavljen u okolici. Od Maje iz Splita smo dobili slijedeću krasnu poruku: "Dragi prijatelji, stigli smo u Split i još jednom Rajki, Palmeu, domaćinima i tebi zahvaljujem na gostoprimstvu, vrlo lijepom i inspirativnom druženju u Ližnjanu.  Želim vam uspješan rad Spiralnog kanala kao i javnu prezentaciju. Stojim na raspolaganju za sve daljnje aktivnosti. S osmjehom u pozdravu, vaša Maja."


We woke up on 22nd early morning and drew at 4.30 to the beach where we built up our SPIRAL-CHANNEL. We had a very nice sunrise... 

We worked hard and fast. Had to finish the Channel before the temperature was too much high! We made very much photographs and recorded videos with three video cameras. I think we have all together very much good material to make later some good videos! Palme, Natalija and Ognjen read the poem which we wrote all together (look at here above: DAY 2). They made it in English and Croatian...


We're happy to know that international informative media reported about our show today on july 24th. 

In Facebook we have one group just with the people who participated in SPIRAL-CHANNELS projects or supported them in the best way they could do... Some members are from time to time very active and post in group very interesting informations and photo documentations. Like Lee Stembrite from the USA. He participated shortly in Pow wow in Missouri and promoted there SPIRAL-CHANNELS project and network. We're so much thankful to him and his son Anthony! Lee posted for example following informations:

"Anthony and I, Lee Stembrite took the Spiral Channels logo with us to the Pow Wow in Sedalia Missouri, U.S.A. and put it on our tent as we camped out... also we met and made friends with the Native American Healer Liz and she posed with the logo inside her tent with her service dog Samantha... She was one of two known healers at the Pow wow celebration and took care of two different emergencies there..."

Nice to know is that this logo was made by graphic designer David Jimenez from Ecuador  for our SPIRAL-CHANNELS EARTH DAY projects this year in Slovakia, Slovenia and Principality of Liechtenstein! Little actions as this one, show us how one can on an easy way and with little steps promote good vibrations and positive meaning people which are most important for the balance in the universe full of SPIRAL-CHANNELS. Lee Stembrite wrote: 

"I thought it would be really nice to have a bit of Spiral Channels with us at the Pow Wow...and everyone was quite interested in the Spiral channels Art!"

Stan Lafleur, an author and spoken performer from Cologne in Germany, is at the moment in Guatemala. From there he sent us a sign of the togetherness!

In the retreats garden we prepared exhibition... We got also presents from our Slovakian friends... 

Our presentation in the showroom started with the Spiral-Channels Hymn. Natalija Grgorinić lead discussion and made a kind of interviews with guests: Vlado and Rajka Poljak Franjevic, Palme, Roman Turcel. Rajka and Vlado were invited to read Vlados poetry in Croatian, Kajkawian-Croatian and German. On the end public could watch on the screen the realization of Spiral-Channel. In the garden a table with cookies, wine and water waited for the visitors. 


On july 26th our Slovakian friends leaved us. They drew back to their homes...

A part of art projects and culture works and dealings are visits of culture monuments in the working area! Rajka Poljak and Vlado Franjević with his son Justin visited short Pula with its well known Arena and city centre with some other monuments from the Roman time. 

Short before the end of the day we visited one more time the place where we built our SPIRAL-CHANNEL. We felt good. Even our work was "broken" we knew, there is a deeper sense of this kind of building and letting be (from the nature) "broken"...     

GOOGLE Map of the place where SPIRAL-CHANNEL "World with 3 Words" was realized in Ližnjan, Croatia 2015
GOOGLE Map of the place where SPIRAL-CHANNEL "World with 3 Words" was realized in Ližnjan, Croatia 2015

Newspapers in the Principality of Liechtenstein and Croatia reported about our working process. We're very much thankful about that! PhM Olivera Z. Mijušković from Belgrad sent us following text. Thank you very, very much.

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  • #1

    Palme (Donnerstag, 21 Mai 2015 20:08)

    Hallo liebe Spiralmenschen in aller Welt. Ich begleite diese Work in Progress Aktion schon seit 2007 und bin jedes Jahr wieder erstaunt welche interessanten Beiträge aus den verschiedenen Teilen der Welt daran teilnehmen. Ich freue mich das die ursprüngliche Idee von Vlado so weite Krise zieht und immer mehr Spiralisten in ihren Bann zieht. Die verschiedensten Interpretationen der Spirale und der Energien die sich rund um diese Aktion aufbauen sind vergleichbar mit einer Galaxie die mehr und mehr Energie in sich vereint und dadurch stetig wächst. Ich hoffe das es noch lange so weitergeht und das sich die Gemeinschaft der Spiralkanäle in den kommenden Jahren noch vergrößert. Ich heiße alle willkommen genau so wie Vlado mich 2007 mit offenen Armen aufgenommen hat und danke Vlado für seine Mühe und Arbeit bei diesem langen Projekt.
    Vielen Dank dafür und weiterhin spiralisierende Inspirationen und Energien.

  • #2

    Lee Stembrite (Montag, 20 Juli 2015 18:11)

    It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. The site for the July 22 Spiral Channels Art looks Serene and beautiful.

  • #3

    Vlado Franjevic (Montag, 20 Juli 2015 18:34)

    Dear Lee Stembrite, thank you very much for your time, attention, comment and compliment... It's true, we (more or less) all together had a good time... But for us is here very, very hot at the moment and it's not so easy to live :) Btw. these photos were (of course) not made on 22nd!

  • #4

    Vlado Franjevic (Donnerstag, 30 Juli 2015 13:07)

    Love to read messages as following, written by Lee Baumgarten in our Facebook group: "Thank you to Vlado and all the group in this 2015 years effort for greater community and shared creativity. It has been a privilege to meet and explore with you all. Beautiful work! Thank you!" Or written by Natalija Grgorinić and Ognjen Rađen: "Thank you, dear Vlado Franjević, for connecting us all in this inspiring project! We had a great time and have learned much!" Or maybe this here written by Denise Torrance: "This is so GREAT!!!!!! Thanks to all who participated in our retreat - sweet moments like this happened all night long!!!! Thanks Vlado Franjević!" Or following message written by Olivera Z. Mijušković: "Thank you Vlado Franjević for your exellent project! I`m glad to be part of it! Kind regards for all artist there."