William Andersen (all rights by this photo reserved by artist)
William Andersen (all rights by this photo reserved by artist)



William Andersen is an artist and educator. He has received numerous honors and awards including a Nohl Fellowship for Individual Artists and a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship. His artwork has been exhibited in the Wisconsin Triennial and Wisconsin Artists Biennials and in museums such as the Kyoto City Museum, Museum of Modern Art Kuwait, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Milwaukee Art Museum. His artwork has been collected by members of the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well as is included in numerous public and private collections in Austria, China, Croatia, Hong Kong, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, the UAE, and the USA.


Andersen is currently an Associate Professor and serves as the Chair of the Art and Graphic Design Department at the American University of Kuwait (AUK). Prior to his appointment at AUK, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Beloit College and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago after receiving a BFA in Painting & Drawing and a Cross-School Major in Art History & Criticism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He was awarded a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship to research Chinese art and culture in Taiwan and China before moving to Kuwait in 2008.


William Andersen uses traditional and new media approaches to address the notions of globalization and hybridity in his art practice, often incorporating chinoiserie imagery, an interest acquired early on amid his mother’s collection of blue and white china. 





"My creations are marked by a number of elements that can exist separately and also want to be analyzed. In the colored arrangements of my works carry the creamy thoughts of interested observer on a little journey into my artistic world.

Most often, this plurality of elements that I have on the screen, a whole and should be regarded as a scene in a movie.

The colors and shapes have only one goal, celebrate life and the joy that are lost in the depths of the soul and evoke strong emotions. My pictures should capture the spirit and relax the soul. 


With my words:

'My work brings dreams, love and gratitude that exist in my life and my inspiration.'

I understand art as a way to convey a positive feeling, with bright and colorful shapes. The images can be as motivation in an office or find a daily mood revival a flat permanent place.

I find that there is no doubt, I reach my goal to engage the viewer and to open up to him the deeper meaning of my works.

The inclined interested in art, I propose to go into the deep to explore the works with the heart and find the soul, the groove in the pictures. You will see that the color is always dominant and any work brings other emotions; Thoughts, dreams and desires that have found in my distinctive roaring creations their place."




Denise Torrance’s work explores the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a person and their ongoing evolution through reliefs and silk paintings. Her work doesn’t referencerecognizable form at times, and the results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and interpretation becomes multifaceted. By examining the ambiguity, moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate the human drama in order to clarify our existence and to find poetic meaning in everyday life. Torrance earned her BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design with a triple major in Fine Art, Illustration and Photography. Torrance is originally from New York and lives and works in Pineville, North Carolina where she co-founded Gallery 237, a gallery which represented over 100 regional artists and later became a founding member, as well as a Board Member and fine arts instructor of the Civic & Cultural Arts Center of Pineville, a non- profit all volunteer arts organization. Torrance has participated in two other spiral-channels issues: 2017 New Signs of Peace, Switzerland and 2015 World in 3 Words, Ližnjan, Croatia. 

"This piece was a personal journey for me dealing with the ongoing issues of immigration. I feel like it fits the theme of No Way Back perfectly. "



was born on the 6th of June 1968 in Aiud (Romania), Studies: “Bethlen Gabor” College (1987). 1992 - 1995  School of Art-Alba Iulia (Romania), American University Bucharest-Art & Arhitecture (1997-1999), Popas Academy -Timisoara, graphic / engraving section (2005-2007). He studied engraving techniques with the hungarian master Kantor Janos (1995 - 2000) and art philosophy with the Indian master Chiru Chakravarty (2001 - 2003). Since 1991 he is full time artist.

Caricature and cartoon exhibitions: Trento (Italy - 1994, 1997), Fano (Italy - 1996, 1997, 1998), Torino (Italy - 1997), London (Great Britain - 1998), Tokyo (Japan - 1998, 1999), Iztapalapa (Mexico - 1998), Cairo (Egypt - 1998), Lefkossa (Cyprus - 1998), Ciudad de la Habana (Cuba - 1998), Taipei (Taiwen - 1998), Marostica (Italy - 1998), Olen (Belgium - 1999), Kragujevac (Yugoslavia - 1999), Piaui (Brazil - 1999), Fene A - Coruna (Spain - 1999), Groetsenhoven (Belgium - 1999), Piracicaba (Brazil - 2000), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania - 2003), Ottawa (Canada - 2005), Antioquita (Columbia - 2005), Gura Humorului (Romania - 2006,2012), Istanbul (Turkey - 2011), Alba Iulia (Romania - 2012). Personal exhibitions: Romania, Aiud (1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2009,2013), Sovata (1995), Rimetea (1997, 1999, 2006,2010), Alba Iulia (2000, 2007,2011, 2012,2014,2015,2016, 2017), Sebes (2002), Blaj (2002), Cluj Napoca (2003), Sibiu (2003, 2004), Hungary, Bekescsaba and Csongrád (2002) and many more...

Prizes: “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Day’s Fine Art’s Prize (Aiud - 1993), Graphic Extra Prize in the “Light of Art” contest (Aiud - 1996), Winning prize “Courage World” Cartoon contest (Taipei, Taiwan,R.O.C. - 1999), The Jury’s Extra Prize for Caricature (Gura Humorului, Romania - 2005), IIIrd Prize, „Dreamland Transsylvania” Art Contest (Cisnadie, Romania - 2007), Award of Excellence, IIIrd „Alb Umor” International Humour Festival, Alba Iulia (Romania - 2012).

The initiator and leader of the International “Inter-Art” Artcamp in Aiud (1996 - 2017), the International “Inter-Art” Youth Artcamp - Aiud (2006 - 2015), International “Wine - Art” Graphic Camp - Alba Iulia (2007, 2008), International “Prison Art” Camp - Aiud (2008). He  founded the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud Romania, the “Inter-Art” Galleries and the “Inter-Art” Contemporary Art Museum in Aiud, Romania. President of the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud, Romania. Has works in private and state collections in more than 30 countries from all over the world.


Lee Baumgarten (Photo: Vlado Franjevic)
Lee Baumgarten (Photo: Vlado Franjevic)




Sabela is a painter, a visual poet. She exhibited in 28 countries (4 continents). Highlights of her participations were Art Boston, exhibitions in Las Vegas, Dublin, Innsbruck, Shanghai and also exhibitions in Ghent, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Cremona, Ar(t) Cevia, Rome or La Toscana. ARCO 2004 selected by the MACUF, with Modest as El Cuarto Simpatico (Investigation Space Art), Quorum and other art rooms and Museums (MACUF, Ateneo de Madrid, Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, The National art Tokyo Center, Hirosima Museum of Art, Kyiti Municipal Museum of Art, Museum of the City of Kobe.)

Her widely cataloged work is defined as abstract geometry. She received numerous international and national awards and her work is concentrated in certain institutions, both public and private, highlighting the National Library (Madrid).



Tina Alberni’s bilingual and bicultural upbringing weaves into the fabric of her art. She is of Cuban heritage, lived in Bogotá, Colombia, as a child, and returned to the United States in her late teens.

Alberni has been practicing as an artist, administrator and teacher in the visual arts field since the early 1990’s. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in art education, with a concentration in printmaking, and subsequently has received awards, exhibited and sold to collectors on several continents. 

The constant “push and pull” between intuition, imagery, stories, memories and current events combine mixed media processes and interlace her fascination with textures, colors and patterns found in plain sight or revealed at macro view.

Honoring process over results often transcends her work and brings about catharsis into the mix. Her hope is to contribute to a dialectic which moves her, as well as the viewer, from passive or detached contemplation to internal discourse and active engagement. Alberni just received her 3rd grant award by the Arts & Science Council of Charlotte for the CSA program(Community Supported Art). She is a fulltime artist and her studio is part of the Studios at 107 West in Mount Holly, NC. 


is a photographer, musician and journalist from Slovakia.



univ. bacc. preasc. educ, fun imagery gaming moderator, children's event designer, ambassador of plants, author of poetry and paper and pencil RPGs. this child of sun, was born on August 15th, 1982. His favorite residence is Veprinac (a small town above Opatija). 


Inspired by Native Americans proverb:

"When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.” 



Kalkowski CV 2018.pdf
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S.K.: "When others ask me if I have any regrets about my life there is no hesitation in my answer. All I have done is all that I am. Life is a journey. Yes, even a cliché. But deeper than that is the truth, that we can either waste our valuable and limited time in this life looking back, or we can choose to continue moving forward and keep exploring with as open of a heart as we can manage. There is no way back, only forward. Be courageous. Take the leap. Be a spark, burn brightly, and give gratitude for every moment."



CATbosshammer is a German artist, which spend 10 years in Asia where she refined her art skills and discovered her personal imagery painting style. She discovered art in her early childhood, became interested in creative works and after her education as a product designer she worked for an international sports fashion brand. In early 2000 she travelled and finally moved to Asia by concentrating on her Asian-inspired art. However experimental work, often with unconventional techniques, is the main focus of her intuitive works. CATbosshammer works with Canvas & Acrylic Paint, Ink & Chinese Xuan Paper, Mixed Media and creates Stone sculptures & Objects. Currently she is based in Cologne.



"As we are living in time and space where human beings leaving their home for survival by taking the risk to lose their lives on their journeys - this piece of art is displaying the spiral effect our society got stuck in."


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Prof.Dr. Arafat Al-Naim
Prof.Dr. Arafat Al-Naim

Prof.Dr. Arafat al-Naim


Dr. Arafat Al-Naim BFA, MFA, PhD in graphic arts and MST in art teaching. Academic Leader, graphic artist, designer, and the moving spirit behind international art and design projects. Lectured and presented at international conferences and exhibitions in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, North Ireland, Macedonia, Germany, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Cyprus, South Africa, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Egypt, South Korea, Syria, Turkey, Jordan. Graphic works of Dr. Arafat can be found in Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas (USA), Portland Art Museum (USA), Museum of Modern Art Wales, Machynlleth (UK), Wrexham Yale Memorial Gallery, Wrexham (UK), State Museum Gyõr (Hungary), University of Wales Collection, Aberystwyth (UK), Nord Art - Kunstwerk Carlshütte (Germany) and others. Outstanding Contribution to Education (The Middle East Education Leadership Awards 2016), Best Professor in Design (Asian Education Leadership Awards 2014, 2017) and “Rhea Baily” Art Award (IBC, Cambridge, UK, 2008) awards Dr. Arafat has received in recognition of his contribution to global visual design, education and professional practice. Dr. Al-Naim is the Dean of College of Design at American University in the Emirates, Member of ICO-D (Education Network), Curator of the International SYMPOSIODESIGN - Amman, Chair of International Design Conference, and executive director of the United Designs Alliance.

Stan Lafleur
Stan Lafleur



Writer and Photographer.



Elnur graduated as an industrial designer in 2005 from METU/Turkey. Has received many local and international design awards, both in industrial and graphic field. Currently, works as an art director at international advertising agency in Baku. 



Born 1956. He lives in Cevio, Vallemaggia, Switzerland. From an early age shows its passion for art which led him to takeup graphic design studies at the CSIA in Lugano under Livio Bernasconi, Sergio Libiszewsky and Bruno Monguzzi. After some experiences abroad, starting in 1983 with his life partner, Sabina Oberholzer, the graphic design studio Sabina Oberholzer & Renato Tagli in Cevio, Switzerland.

Beside the work of graphic designers, Tagli demonstrates a profound interest 

in art and nature that leads him to transform gardens and woodland in art installations and vegetable sculpture. Landscape artist, Renato Tagli over the years has turned his passion into an admirable form of “Land Art”, a creative art within conceptual acts directly on the landscape, changing its appearance through interventions natural and always in tune with the environment.

Tagli creates with an eye towards the future as the time, usually enemy of the traditional art, in his works is a leading positive since

the beginning of the art project. He also creates plays of light by cutting out and sewing together pieces of coloured fabric.

Over the years Renato Tagli had the opportunity to present his works in exhibitions, publications and many works for both institutions and privates. Works which, in the past as today, have not failed to receive major awards and worldwide recognition.



Born and based in Brooklyn, New York, Maddy Rosenberg also spends several months each year in Europe. She is an artist who works in several media: oil painting, artist’s books, printmaking, drawing, toy theater and installation. Rosenberg has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.S. and Europe, most recently a solo in at Galerie Hadorn in Switzerland and a two-person US Consulate funded project in Munich, Germany. She maintains an active international curatorial as well as exhibition career and approaches curating as an extension of her art practice. In September 2009, Rosenberg opened CENTRAL BOOKING in New York, a multi-disciplinary art space focusing on artist's books and exhibitions on art & science. She received a National Endowment for the Arts Award for Dialogue, her six venue curatorial project in New York and Paris. Baylor University has acquired eighteen of her artist’s books in establishing the Maddy Rosenberg Artist’s Books Special Collection. Other public collections include MoMA, Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library, Fogg Museum, Yale University, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Cornell University, Tate Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Herzog August Bibliothek, Duchess Anna Amalia Library, and Scottish National Gallery. Articles, interviews and reviews have appeared in Hyperallergic, Crave, cityArts, The Art Newspaper, Art and Métiers du Livre, Haberarts, Printmaking Today, Art Review, NY Arts, and Salzburger Nachrichten, as well as interviews on the German television arts program Nachtlinie, BBC Radio Bristol and Houston Public Radio. Rosenberg received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Bard College.



Extravagant & passionate about life & conscious living: fascinated by different cultures and the richness of creative expression. Her core belief is that “Art is a philosophy of life”. She studied Philosophy and History of Art at UCL and Fine Arts and Design at KCC, London UK. Independent interdisciplinary studies at Uppsala University and University of Skövde in Sweden. Currently pursuing MA in Expressive Arts Therapies, University of Haifa. Promoting collaborations within different fields: working with artist, expressive arts therapists, storytellers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, dancers, performers, musicians, researchers and more incredible inspiring people from different walks of life. Engaging local communities and expanding network with local artists. 

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