Vlado & Rajka P. Franjević realized with theirs partners and with the help of supporters the 6th, 7th and 8th SPIRAL-CHANNEL in 2013 in Slovakia, Slovenia & Italy + there were organized a SPIRAL-CHANNEL Event in the Principality of Liechtenstein. 

Prievidza, Slovakia, 6th Spiral-Channel, Kino Banik, 2013, Art
Slovenia, Obrh pri Dragatušu, 7th Spiral-Channel, 2013, Art
Obrh pri Dragatušu
Italy, St.Maria di Lignano, Assisi, Italy, 8th Spiral-Channel, 2013
St.Maria di Lignano, Assisi

Seruni Bodjawati

a fine artist, museum ambassador and author from Yogyakarta, Indonesia:


"SPIRAL-CHANNELS is a wonderful project. It can bring out the artistic side in so many people with different backgrounds. Vlado Franjević is a delightful person and I always enjoy having the opportunity to work with him."