VLADO'S Participation in 7th United Designs & Keynote Presentation in 3rd Global Visual Culture Symposium


Vlado Franjević is very much thankful to the SPONSORS / SUPPORTERS of his Travailing to Shanghai and Participation in this great Art and Culture Event.

Vlado Franjević, SCSA President participated in the 7th UNITED DESIGNS and was one of two Keynote speakers in the 3rd Global Visual Culture Symposium at the Shanghai Normal University, China, from the December 12th till 23rd, 2014. Here you find a lot of informations about this great event!

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Shanghai (China) - The 7th United Designs exhibition, a celebration of international awareness between education and profession in visual communication design was opened on12th December 2014. The 2014 edition was co-organised by Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) and the United Designs Alliance (UDA) 


The exhibition directors were Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi (a Founder, KECD Vice President & Hanyang University, Korea) and Mr. Zhao Zhiyong (Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China). They were supported by co-directors: 



Prof. Zantides Evripides (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus),  Dr. Arafat Al-Naim (Zarqa University, Jordan), Mr. Scott Hutchinson (UCLA Extension, UnitedStates), Ms. Jennifer McKnight (University of Missouri St Louis), Mr.Sudhir Sharma (Pool Design Magazine, India), and Mr. Sebastian Guerrini (Metropolitandesign Center, Argentina) Entries were submitted in two categories: 

  • Poster Design: About world environmental awareness
  • Practical Design: Any printed design project done in year 2013-2014 

Vlado Franjević born in Croatia, living in the Principality of Liechtenstein was also one of selected participants. His work fit to the topic of the first category and was together with all other selected works exhibited at Wuxing Gallery from 12th December to 23rdDecember 2014. 


About United Designs 

United Designs was first organised by Hanyang University (Korea) in 2004 and 2005. In 2007, United Designs was co-organisedwith Applied Science Private University (Jordan). In 2009, United Designs was organised with California State University (United States). In 2011, United Designs was organized with Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus). In 2013, United Designs was organized with University of Missouri at St. Louis (United States).


About Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Normal University’s Fine Arts College offers Bachelor and Master Degree in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, and Fine Arts.


Welcome to learn HERE also about Vlado Franjević's Power Point Presentation he presented in 3rd Global Visual Culture Symposium in Shanghai on December 12th, 2014 





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