ADAM GLINSKI was born 1943 in Poland. Now Liechtenstein citizen. Studies in theology, philosophy, education (PL A). Teacher (PL A FL). Now in retirement and working as an artist and writer. Member of the BBKL (Liechtensteins Association of professional visual artists). Some literary texts published. Since youth he is painting (acrylic, drawing ink, oil, mixed media), photographing, sculpting, writing… and open in his person-and-work for the deeper sense of life. He makes intuitive pictures with abstract, figurative, as ethnic, symbolical elements. He reflects often his works in own-poems (> picture-words). Exhibitions: FL (Vaduz), D (Mannheim, Baden-Baden, Osnabrück, Berlin), A (Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck), F (Strasbourg, Colmar), I (Firenze, Assisi, Bozen), CH (Zürich, Olten, Zug), NL (Rotterdam). Some awards: from “Europäischer Kulturkreis Baden-Baden” (2008-2009), by Florence Biennale 2009 (5° Premio Pittura Lorenzo Il Magnifico for Painting),

by Florence Biennale 2011 (5° Premio Internazionale Lorenzo Il Magmifico for Fotografia). HERE informations abaut his work. 


BEATE FÜHRER - Born 21 September 1962 in Hamburg. 1998 Diploma Graphic Design & Illustration (best of year)

Studied graphics and illustration at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Prof. Wolf and Prof. Paul Magin Schandin. Free Painting · Illustration · Objects · Photografie Photocomposing. She live, work and draw in Sinzheim near Baden-Baden since 2012:

With ink, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic, Oil color / oil pastels and lacquer. Surface structures, implementation and / or combination, individual objects find their interaction through use in / with plaster, resin, wood, natural stone / jewels and precious metals. Photography and Photocomposing by computer. Studies, experiments and topics: "Aesthetics & synergy of color and form world", Surrealism, Abstract, Character, Picture and typography, "Nature / Habitat", "The human (his) - the form of society - the world - in Transition", "Love", "DADA & FLUXUS - NEOFLUXUS"

BELKIND SHEPS OSNAT - Born in Israel. 1987-1990 Active member of the Geneva Artists Association (Centre Geneva's de l’Artisan). 1992-1997 Greeting Cards, gifts. Since 2005 Independent Art & Design studio - Trans Dimension


create artful experience, kinetic and multi sensorial. combines lights, mechanics and sound. trivial recycled materials, change their designation paradoxically in the works. in her art she discuss typical issues of her generation. following human evolution and technological development. changes in gender balance. technology - nature. technology - mysticism. art and economics.


Adress: 4 URI LESSER TEL AVIV#39; Mail:; Tel: +972-3- 647 4621 Mobile: +972-54-255 6688

CAROLINA LIECHTENSTEIN - Award winning independent filmmaker, artist and photographer, Carolina Liechtenstein is a unique and creative individual like no other. She is the kind of person that uses both her right and left brain. She's both technical and artistic. Born in Long Beach, California, and growing up surrounded by Hollywood notables, Carolina was destined to become a filmmaker and photographer. Her grandfather is the famous film director John Ford. As a young child, Carolina lived in John Ford's house, and John Ford encouraged her to do creative things. She started making drawings and writing little hand written and illustrated books. It was also during high school, Carolina's artistic abilities took off. She won first place in photography, and second place in lapidary. She performed in the the glee club and band, and played guitar. She also wrote fiction during her summer breaks, guided and coached by her father. She painted and took photos, and was prolific.

At 18, she joined the USAF. She started out as an aircraft maintenance crewman, a job populated by very few women at the time. During this time, she took hundreds of photographs using film of antique aircraft, clouds and the ground from the sky. She eventually earned a BA in Business Administration, and then an MBA in International Business. She worked as a Certified Flight Instructor for twenty years, and opened up her own business on the side. After flying jet trainers and fighters for a while, she discovered a new career, and it was by accident. She happened to be in Ignition Cafe, in Palm Springs, CA, editing one of her hobby movies, when a producer peeked over her shoulder, and caught sight of her work. The producer asked to see some more of her work, and hired her on the spot. Carolina played the lead female role in the feature thriller AGAINST ALL GODS, soon to be released. Currently, Carolina is shooting two Documentaries. One on a horse rescue ranch, where forgotten and neglected horses are fed and brought back to health, and then given to loving homes. The other is about California's earthquakes. At this time, she is doing wildlife photography, geologic imagery, night sky imaging and portraiture, as well a fashion photography, along with her work in film.


Website 1 & Website 2

Address: 1106 Second St. #250, Encinitas, CA USA 92024


CHRISTINE GLINSKI, born in 1953, has worked in Liechtenstein as a lawyer in social security until 2008. Then she studied journalism - including photo-journalism - at the Freie Journalistenschule FJS in Berlin (diploma 2010), and completed courses in photography at the Liechtenstein art school. She presented her photos in several group exhibitions in galleries and art fairs in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Since 2009 she followed literary courses at the Schule des Schreibens in Hamburg and received in 2012 the certificate and an award for one of her short stories. For more information about her photographic work visit THIS site. 



DEJAN ĐORĐEVIĆ, a poet, essayist and literary critic was born 1970 in Velika Sejanica near Leskovac, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology, groups: South Slavic Literature and Serbo-Croatian language. He is associate of numerous literary magazines: Povelja, Koraci, Letopis matice srpske, Gradina, Dometi... and many electronic: Maxminus, Nosorog, Žikišon, Libertas, Marginalac... He published two collections of poems: "I'm and am not" and "Non/Consent". He is editor of the publishing house "FILEKS" in the journal "DUspenja". He lives and works in Grdelica (municipality Leskovac).


Education: University of Uppsala, Sweden, Neuroscience and Neuroethics 2013; University of Skövde, Sweden, Consciousness, Brain and Creativity studies 2012-2013; Aston University, Birmingham, UK, Aston Psychology Diploma 2012-2013;, Painting with your muse, intuitive painting 2012; Art Therapy Alliance, 6 Degrees of Creativity 2, Online workshops; 2012 Aston University, Birmingham, UK, Aston Psychology Diploma 2012; Art Therapy Alliance, 6 Degrees of Creativity, Online workshops 2011-2012; Kensington and Chelsea College, London UK, BTEC Level 4, Artist Professional Development Kensington and Chelsea College, London UK, BTEC Level 5, HNC Fine Art University College London, UK, BA (Hons) Philosophy and History of Art2001-2004 / Academic and artistic awards: Premio Orta project, Orta San Giulio, Italy 2010; Premio Marcalli, Young Artist Fund, Varese, Italy 2008; Premio Verdina, Artists’ Fund, Bergamo, Italy 2005; J. B. Benson Bequest Bursary Fund, University College London, UK 2003; Friends' Program Hardship Scholarships Fund, University College London, UK 2004; Tuition fees BA degree, DfES (Department for Education and Skills), UK 2001-2004 / Research Activities: Art therapy project concerning personal journeys2011/12 Collaboration with artist Wolfgang Schadow: research on photographic images meanings and 2010/11techniques. Also interesting art project documenting, narrating and storytelling through images Collaborations, translations and performance/event work with writer and illustrator Laura Pariani. (In particular preparation for Wolfgang Schadow exhibit, catalog and preview event/performance; collaboration on some of her books, stories and event/performances) Collaborations with writer Pier Maria Galli, open projects exploring his written works and their relation to visual language. Project: investigating Fabrizio Manco's practice “A Chosen Artist’s Professional Practice: research on Fabrizio Manco’s work" “A critical comparison of the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto and Piero Manzoni” “The unfolding of Hitchcock’s Psycho: realism in suspense” Care and conservation of artworks: condition reports, independent research projects / Publications and designs: Collaboration translation work with GENICO SA: Conservation of Blood from the umbilical cord research project and StepOne Newborn Screeneing, PerkinElmer Genetics 2008 publication Collaboration for exhibition catalogue: "Visitatori" Photographs by Wolfgang Schadow Logo design for I bevitori di Stelle, Bookshop and Art Gallery Illustration for book: Antefatti, by Galli P.,Turin, Italy, Edizioni I Figli Belli Illustration for book: Studi da lavandino, by Galli P.,Turin, Italy, Edizioni I Figli Belli / Group Exhibitions & Projects...:Contribution to art projects & exhibitions...: / Volunteer different settings, several projects within art/education/creative solutions... /  

Collaborator, art assistant & artist, I bevitori di Stelle, Galleria Fotografica... / Artist Assistant, Administrative Assistant, various galleries... / Artistic skills and competences: Fine art skills ranging from traditional drawing, painting, sculpture expanding to photography, printmaking, video, installation and mixed media

DRAŽEN PAVLOVIĆ was born on 17th May 1962 in Varaždin ( Croatia / Europe), where he ended primary school and high school. Living and working in Varaždin, where have art studio which name is Atelier Pavlowich. From his early youth he was occupated with painting when he gained his fine arts education from the teacher B.A. Ružica Grgevčić and later from B.A. Mirjana Ducakijević who has instructed him into knowledge and beauty of the history of fine arts (art of painting). At that time his orientation towards painting is determined. In 1990 he had eded „LC Zagreb“, where he studied in the class of the academic woman painter B.A. Nela Gruden, leaming and improving art tehnics and technology of painting. Since 1995 he works as professional artist.

Dražen had untill now 32 solo exhibitions, presenting himself wiht the cycles : „Vievs“, „Landscape“, „Nude Act“, „Psychodelic“, „Entelechy“, „Vision“, „Micro My World“, „Prediction of New Trackings“, „Sphere“... and app. 150 appearances on group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina,... ).

He is founder of the famous painting colony „Julijana E Draškowić“ in Trakošćan (1989 – 1999) in Croatia. He took part in number of humanitarian actions and auctions and in some of them he was organizer. For his art (and humanitarian) work he won several valuable prizes.

Dražen Pavlović is member of Art Association Varaždin (LUV - Likovno Udruženje Varaždin). He is the chairman of the Managing Board of LUV and guide of LUV Gallery in Varaždin.

FERDINAND BURGER, born in 1968 and originally from South Africa, is currently living and working in the Basel-Region Switzerland. Through his travels, studies and contact with people of various backgrounds he has learned a great deal about the environment he lives in. His passion for photography combined with his interest in technology have encouraged him to venture into the world of digital art. Past publications include exhibitions in Basel, London and Berlin. With the discovery of new experiences captured through the lens of his camera, the exploration into the world of digital art and his knowledge of computers and software, Ferdinand started to use photos from everyday life to build a portfolio of digital art. Through this website his impressions and efforts are available for consumption and enjoyment by art lovers across almost all genres. Professionally Ferdinand has an M.Sc degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, UK and has been working in the Life Science Industry for more than 20 years, responsible for business process optimisation, establishing a distribution network for products used in the Life Science as well as selecting and building teams of consultants/marketing specialists in more than 25 countries worldwide. To contact or connect with Ferdinand, please visit his website

IRENA LUKŠIĆ, 1953 born on Duga Resa, Croatia; 1972-1978 studied Comparative Literature and Russian Language and Literature at Zagreb University, Faculty of Philosophy; 1976-1978 studied journalism at Zagreb University (Faculty of Political Sciences); 1978 graduated at Zagreb University, Faculty of Philosophy (Comparative Literature and Russian Language and Literature); 1996 received PhD in Literature

Free lance writer and translator. Member of editorial board of a few Croatian and foreign journals. Contributor of American Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century, Dictionary of Literary Biography and a few Croatian lexicographic projects.

Published more than 300 articles on Russian Literature. Participated in more than forthy international conferences on literature and traductology.

Published books (novels, collection of stories, criticism)

Translations from Russian (more than 40 books):

- prose: Aksjonov, Berberova, Bunin, Jerofejev, Harms, Zoščenko, Pelevin, Aleškovski, Tokareva, Družnikov, Čehov, Gazdanov, Platonov, Stogoff, Vojnovič, Prigov, Radiščev etc..
- poetry: Brodski, Tjomkina etc.
- drama: Koljada, Tolstoj, Puškin, Braća Presnjakov, Dostojevski, Nikiforova, Rudkovski etc.

Miss Lukšić recieved many, many awards for her literature and editorial work as also for her translations...


Performer, Fine Artist, Musician. On the alternatice culture Szene well known since early 70-ies when he went to be a part of conseptual and performance Crise. At same time he produce «mental spirit music» with the friends and under the influence by Beuys he starts the Processes for producing of so called «social sculpture» with that he start to be a part of not a big union of conceptual artists who did engagments in the case of asking about the real values of socialistic systems, first at all about the sence of work, and position of workers. Ivančić's position being out of the centre as his expiriences as a worker in the Shipyard «Uljanik» in Pula, his town of birth in Croatia, gave him «right» on a bit more of radicalism in the Art space. In the 80-ies he makes his artistic interesses real in the space where he mix mdias as music, performance and fine art (alterrock Band 'GustapH y njegovi dobry duhovy' and since 90-ies the public knows him as one of most provocative croatian Performer ('Theater like a Life/Life like a Theater or Life is Chilly'...) but also as an alternative Experimentateur in new Media (Telefon Concert Net for Austrain radio ORF)

MAŠA HRUSTEK SOBOČAN was born 1978 in Čakovec, Croatia. Finished School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb and studied art history at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. Worked as a photographer beetwen studies and participated in few exhibitions with B/W photographies. Now works as a curator at the Museum of Međimurja in Čakovec, Croatia. Prone to artistic expression as well as literary expression. Also active in doing pedagogical work - this year she carried out and conducted series of interactive workshops with preschool kids aged 3-7, who learned, acted and painted on the subject of historic stories, legends and myths based on Zrinski family knights, ladies and a dragon Pozoj at the Old town Čakovec castle. During the month and a half of this project called „Muzejske pričalice“ , 814 kids participated with their works displayed in the final exhibition. Maša is also interested in interdisciplinary cooperation with cultural institutions and associations in creating a broader cultural significance for the Međimurje region and giving it prominence on the cultural map of central Europe.





TEDI TADIJA DOVOĐA born in 15th August 1982. His favorite residence is Veprinac (a small town above Opatija) but he also lives in Rijeka and Zagreb.
Children's event designer, ambasador of plants, author of poetry and paper and pencil RPGs. Feel free to visit his site to know more about that child of the sun.


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