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Vlado Franjević, founder of Spiral-Channels project and president of SCSA received today this beautiful photo (here above) from his friend Daša from Prievidza in Slovakia where 6th SPIRAL-CHANNEL project issue was realized in 2013. It looks like today, friends in Slovakia and partners in the project understood and felt on the best way the positive energy in this kind of working together. It would be good if other partners and friends could deal on a similar way and forward to build their own stories based on the time as SPIRAL-CHANNELS were realized in their home countries, said Vlado. 


PALME had to drive back to Berlin.


Vlado started with clearing the place where SPIRAL-CHANNEL in Odonien 2016 have to be realized, btw. he started to dig the channel.. Here on the right side you see few photos about this work process! He made and published also following video which document on the best way what happened really there... In this video Vlado speaks his mother language and also german.

Please read also next part of same story HERE!

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