Art project "The Spiral-Channels" breaks down barriers from the future! 21st century runs along fences and boundaries, along conflicts of cultures and conflicts of interest, but Vlado Franjević gives us noble offer with his art project and brings people together all over the world.

“The Spiral-Channels” spread the message of peace, multiculturalism, tolerance and dialogue among all religions, nations and states. "The Spiral-Channels" are proof that the open mind and art know no borders but only creativity, friendship and the value of love and respect of life. In this sense Vlado Franjević is true ambassador of the Earth and it`s a pleasure to be his colleague and professional partner in this artwork.

PhM Olivera Z. Mijušković

Editor in chief of "Philosophical Views"


The significance of the "Spiral-Channels" and the success of cooperation with "Philosophical Views"


Mr. Vlado Franjević proves that the borders in today's age are simply nothing. He skillfully transcends conventions that do not offer true encountering people and unites them through his human project. "The Spiral-Channels" are a symbol of everlasting obsession for a beautiful expression of man, searching for what is best in ourselves and in the other, without which do not exist as a spiritual entity.

The cooperation is achieved through the common idea of ​​art and philosophy that brought us together is that we have done something important that only few the best recognize. 

Art is a visual manifestation, but longs for spirit. Philosophical pen is formed words and thoughtfulness. That is why the Vlado Franjević and his wife Rajka have success. They are not only color and not just a word. They recognize and shape, they tend to the whole. Such is our cooperation. We are equally able to define and Picasso, and Chekhov and Hegel. Wondering how? Idea and work, color and the mind, the word and its philosophical and deterministic design.

"Spiral-Channels" actually channeling energy that is creative and that is all around us, and on different continents, and on a completely ordinary places of our everyday life. Energy is actually the subtlety with which people identify creators, act together and devise new bridges on which they meet and channel their mystery of the Vlado's "Spiral-Channels".

I want all of you heartily greet you and wish you to always be creators and thinkers, and that the idea of ​​artists and thinkers never be something that is ad hoc, but a flash of lighting that creates innovative creativity and connectivity of people, both individuals and the whole nations.



PhM Olivera Z. Mijušković

Editor in chief of "Philosophical Views"



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