Spiral channels by Vlado Franjević


The motif of the spiral is found in prehistoric time on rock paintings and megalithic monuments as well as in Ancient Egypt on scarabs or grave paintings. The spiral is an ancient symbol - a universal symbol. It is present in nature itself: in snails, shells, pine cones, fruit items, such as in the sunflowers or spider nets. The spiral motion is also to discover in the microcosm and the macrocosm, either in DNS molecules or in the universe. She hides in the nebulae, galaxies or in the movement of the solar system. The spiral embodies movement, it mediates a sense of literally perpetual flow. On the way to the inside - to the center - is accelerating the movement, on the way to the outside slows down. Anyone who follows the spiral does not rotate in a circle, and rather inevitably he comes to the center. The path is linear and intersects itself. Arrived in the center, you will find yourself on a stationary point of reversal: Here the visitor has to change its direction of motion, because it reaches the outside world only if he can turn round and be the entryway to the output path. That is, the trail offers no choice and yet it is open. The way is targeted and also rhythm and dynamic. The way embodies development and growth, collection and centering.


Vlado Franjević invites you to experience the deep, archaic symbolism and power of the spiral. Since 2004 Franjević implemented spiral channels at selected locations in nature. He digs in ascending or descending into the earth, so that the spiral is not only expands or contracts, but are also increasingly deepened and increased. Is it in the center of the spiral located a counter pulse, Franjević generated by the room another counterpoint: Simple thin wooden sticks, taken from the surrounding nature and connected via a simple band follow in height in the air, the way the registrant is in the earth spiral. On the shallowest point are the wooden sticks the highest and on the lowest point they are the shortest. The result is a conical mating: As below, so also above, and at the same time the movement of the visitor figure is even more concentrated by the further limitation of the path they tread.


This action is accompanied in nature by a communicative interaction with colleagues, with interested parties, with people from all over the world. They‘re invited to send contributions, a poem, a picture, a drawing, a note, a gesture: an exchange begins, a collection and charging around the place. These contributions are part of the spiral channal project. Spontaneously and as the situation allows, they are presented. In addition, participants assist in the excavation of the moving form. In this human interaction creates an open ritual, which compresses the symbolism of the action, the healing of the earth. In treading and immersing the archetype can trace the change of the inner world to the outer world and the outer world to the inner: stop following action, action follows stop. Again and again the spiral is interpreted as a motive for growth, expansion and cosmic energy, as a symbol of creation. Vlado Franjević Ritual of spiral channels symbolizes the embeddedness of human beings in the universal processes.


Christiane Meyer-Stoll is Curator at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein


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