Vlado Franjević and his spiral channels - energy centers of communication


Vlado Franjević sets the shape of the spiral as a symbol for the life and development processes of our world. With this instrument, it examines the specific cultural and social characteristics of a country. He explores in his work the similarities but also the different conditions and attitudes of the cultures in which 

he operates. Connect the basis of his installations and network its projects by more and more people are active in the work process and follow-up projects in reliance thereon. Its spiral channels are quasi-energy centers from which the communication between the countries is boosted.

For the Küefer-Martis-Huus Vlado Franjević installed a spiral channels in its garden in 2008 in as a part of the Programm "Magic of Water". Inside were exhibited his pictures. Vlado has own method of approaching a topic. He is a creative sociaty  researcher and networker who makes in his inimitable style and restless numerous contacts available, connect people and charging with creative energy. This has worked well in 2008 and we are delighted that he will present in 2013 his latest projects in our house this year and report on the experiences in Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy.


(Johannes Inama in Ruggell, 4.4.2013) 

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