Project: "Spiral Channels - World with 3 Words“ in Ližnjan, Croatia

Dear Mr. Vlado Franjević,

You made me known with your idea and work in 2013 when I got the chance to be a guest in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein. As an artist and organizer of cultural events I knew that this what are you doing is just to admire and respect. The quantity of positive energy you transferred to me during our first contact is only little part of what I felt in Ližnjan, Croatia 2015.

When you invited me to be a part of the interdisciplinary art and multimedia SPIRAL-CHANNELS concept, Ližnjan 2015 – “World in 3 Words” – I accepted your invitation with great pleasure and sent my contribution.

Meeting you and other participants in Ližnjan and staying there, proved that the Spiral-Channels are much more than a cultural project.   

The infinite possibilities of connecting artistic diversity, multicultural dialogue and exchange of energy, this project creates a vortex of creativity for new ideas that reflect the visual merging compatible and incompatible in a completely natural and exploitable areas.

It would be interesting all written messages of the project "World in 3 words" merge into one entity. I'm sure it would get adding continuation for the next "Spiral-Channel" project.


I send you from my heart best regards and wish you a lot of new places and people which you connect using your project. Exactly this is priceless value…


Maja Vrančić

President of Association KURS, Split


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