Vlado Franjević was born 1963 in Martinac (Čazma) Croatia and lived in the Principality of Liechtenstein from 1993 to the end of August 2022. Since this time he has bee living in Croatia again. Before coming to Liechtenstein, he spent four years in St. Gallen, Switzerland.  


He graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb in 1985 as a painter. In 2002 he received the working year scholarship from the Cultural Advisory Board of the Princely Government of Liechtenstein. He exhibited in more than ten European countries and took part in art symposiums, in a cultural exchange project, in graphic design symposiums and conferences as well as in group exhibitions outside of Europe. In Egypt, China, India (Pilani), Indonesia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, USA (L.A.), South Korea, UAE (al-Ain and Dubai). He stayed in all of these countries. In India, Indonesia and Jordan he led art workshops and worked with students at art institutes and art universities.


He was the creative director of the SCSA (Spiral-Channels Support Association) in Liechtenstein. In 2017 he arranged and curated an international poster exhibition in the Liechtenstein National Museum. He worked there part-time from 2003 to the end of August 2022.


Vlado is a twice-award-winning poet, once for his German-written poetry and once for his Croatian poetry! He read his poetry in German-speaking countries for more than twenty years. Always bilingual! His original artworks are in private and public collections at homecountry and abroad. Between, among other things, in an office in the government building of Liechtenstein, in two state offices and at least in buildings of minimum two municipalities there...


Vlado's life's work is this interdisciplinary work in progress SPIRAL CHANNELS project, which was realized eleven times in ten European countries between 2004 and 2018! And also presented live by him in China, India, Croatia, South Korea and Cyprus...

Seruni Bodjawati

a fine artist, museum ambassador and author from Yogyakarta, Indonesia:


"SPIRAL-CHANNELS is a wonderful project. It can bring out the artistic side in so many people with different backgrounds. Vlado Franjević is a delightful person and I always enjoy having the opportunity to work with him."